About Us

Essence of Envogue is the brainchild of optometrist Richard W. Brinkley. After seeing how the newly introduced trend of eyelash extensions was being abused by unscrupulous salon owners, he worked to better understand how the cosmetic procedure worked. With this knowledge and his own background in medicine, he developed a training program that would help reputable salon business get in on the game by offering a truly competent service. The certification has helped reduce the incidents of eyelash extension related problems in the area.
Our goal has been to spread the knowledge of how eyelash extension treatment should be carried out. By having more technicians in the industry that know what is right, better quality work can be produced and the health of the consumers preserved. We have a passion for our work that has seen hundreds of technicians gain the knowledge and confidence required to offer excellent service.


Personal Bio

Dr. Richard W. Brinkley has worked as a qualified optometrist for the last 15 years. He earned his degree at the University of Waterloo and after completing his residency, set up a private practice in Manitoba. He is also a fellow of the Canadian Optometry Academy and a board member of Sight Foundation. Besides running a successful practice, Dr. Brinkley is also the founder of the Essence of Envogue Training Institute, alongside his beautician wife, Sophia Brinkley. Together they worked t develop training programs aimed at intensifying the level of competence of estheticians offering eyelash extension treatments. Dr. Brinkley serves on the board of the institute.