Pros and Cons

Eyelash extensions have attracted a lot of controversy in recent past. This is mainly as a result of untrained technicians not doing enough to properly assess the clients’ suitability for the procedure, lacking adequate knowledge of the application techniques, and knowing the right quantity and quality of eyelash extension products to use. These failures have led to various problems for the consumers including:
• Infections – there is some risk of skin breakage as sharp instruments are in use quite close to the fragile skin around the eyes. Chemicals getting into the eye can also provide entryway for bacteria. In unsterile conditions, this has allowed some women to suffer infections.
• Allergic reactions – untrained technicians often fail to properly gauge whether their client is suited to the type of lashes and adhesive that will be used to bond the extension to the natural lash. Some of these adhesives have been reported to contain chemicals such as formaldehyde that some are highly allergic to. Common symptoms seen due to allergic reactions include swollen eyes and bruised looking skin.
• Excessive extensions – adding too much in the way of extensions has been found to allow for greater trapping of dirt and bacteria around the eyes. The extra weight often causes irritation. When women consequently rub their eyes, they end up moving the dirt and bacteria into their corneas.
• Hair loss- it is possible for a person to lose their natural lashes if too many, and too long, extensions are bonded. The condition, known as traction alopecia, has also been linked to too frequent undergoing additions of extensions. Optometrists have said that the excessive tension on the natural shaft often causes the natural lash to fall out and that it can become a permanent condition.
All these problems can be easily resolved with the right training. Essence of Envogue has seen a steady rise in the number of enrolling students eager to acquire a certification that guides them on how to correctly administer this cosmetic treatment. The benefits derived are considerable:
• The training program was developed by a Manitoba optometrist who found a growing number of patients were coming in with problems associated with faulty eyelash extension applications.
• Because it is a physician developed training program, more beauty salons, spas and other beauty establishments are making it a requirement to work as an esthetician. Being certified enhances a technician’s chances of being hired.
• There is greater confidence in the workplace. The training includes several hours of firsthand practical sessions. This ensures that by the time a technician gets his or her certificate, they will be more confident in the handling of the products and the application process.
• Faster applications are carried out. With greater confidence and a better understanding of what is supposed to be done, many technicians have learnt to be very adept and complete their work faster. Given the sensitivity of the eye area, the clients always appreciate a quick esthetician.
• Sterile working conditions are adhered to. At Essence of Envogue we are constantly reminding our students that a sterile environment is absolutely necessary to ensure a safe experience for clients. It is also one of the key things a savvy consumer will be on the lookout for when choosing a technician.
• Client confidence is achieved. The best kind of client to undergo this procedure is one who can be relaxed throughout. It is highly delicate work and the last thing you need is someone too tense to do what you are telling them. Having a certification from a recognized training institute helps the client to have confidence in your abilities and remain calm as you do your work.
• The training period is short. Essence of Envogue offers a two day training seminar on eyelash extensions. That means that over the period of a weekend you will end up fully capable of offering this professional service with confidence and a certificate to back it up.
• Access to a reputable range of eyelash extension products. The training is undertaken using our range of reputable eyelash extension products. In fact, at the end of the seminar, graduates receive a kit featuring the tools and supplies needed for the work, and contact with our supply department to make orders when business picks up and you require more. Buyers who have gone through our training program are extended products at wholesale prices.
The benefits of undergoing specialized training in eyelash extensions help nullify any downsides to the use of this cosmetic treatment. Eyelash extensions have become a growth industry and it is a good idea to establish yourself as a properly trained esthetician sooner rather than later.
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