The Essence of Envogue Eyelash Training Institute is the first of its kind in Winnipeg. Our school, established in 2005, offers the best possible certification for estheticians and cosmetologists. Eyelash extensions have become one of the most highly sought after high end beauty procedures in the industry. The application of the lashes is specialized work that ensures that the client achieves fuller, thicker lashes, and the health of the natural lash is maintained.
Over the years since eyelash extensions came into the market, more and more consumers have found themselves being attended to by untrained beauty technicians. Unfortunately, there are no firm guidelines as to the training of those who offer this service. This has resulted in a myriad of problems for the clients as they try to seek out establishments that are safe to undergo this procedure.

Essence of Envogue was founded to help establish a standard within the local beauty industry by which estheticians offering eyelash extension treatments could be judged. We are the best choice in eyelash extensions training and supplies. Our goal is to see that students have undergone our training and become the best estheticians in the business. Our hope is that with this training under their belts, our students will add value to the beauty industry by offering a safe and quality service to clients.

As part of our program we introduce students to employers in the community.  Winnipeg eyelash extensions technician Lisa Candaele, (owner of Lashes by Lisa Winnipeg) is a pioneer in the industry, and is on our board of advisors.

We believe that eyelash extensions are a great way to enhance a person’s appearance. The lashes often negate the need for mascara and when properly done, do not harm the natural hair shaft. Choosing a properly trained technician is the best way to guarantee safe work for consumers. In this way, a novice can be properly advised on what the procedure involves and due consideration taken when determining which range of eyelash extension products should be used.
Because of the lack of adequate training courses in our market, we are offering this service to ensure that the technicians working on clients know what they are doing and avoid bringing disrepute to the industry and harm to consumers.